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November 30, 2009

Hosted Exchange: Home Truths

I’ve read reports saying that most small businesses operate with substandard e-mail systems that are absent lots of technology’s snazziest features and that don’t accommodate for their employees’ need for […]
November 16, 2009

IT Expenditures Set to Climb in 2010

This year, worldwide corporate IT spending took a nasty hit, clocking numbers not seen since the dot-com bust of ’01. All in, tech spending was down 6.9% in 2009, with […]
November 3, 2009

Companies that Implement Virtualization Increase Utilization Of Their Existing Hardware By 65-70%

I read an article in The Wall Street Journal recently that told me what I already know: virtualization is gaining furious ground in spite of—or, more likely, because of—the sputtering […]
October 20, 2009

The Backup Debate: Tapes vs. Online

I must admit it’s a regular source of surprise to me to discover how poorly set up some businesses are to cope with a potential loss of data, the blood […]
June 23, 2006

Voice Over IP – the real advantages

The Benefits Perhaps the most oft-cited benefit of Voice-Over IP telephony (VoIP) these days is the long distance cost savings available to businesses by installing and using this technology. These […]
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