360 Visibility Celebrates Grand Opening

360 Visibility Celebrates Grand Opening
Written by: John Saund
Published: October 27, 2014



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    360 Visibility celebrated its grand opening in its new location in Vaughan on Thursday evening. The event, whose invited guests included municipal dignitaries and leaders from the corporate world, was a smashing success.

    A Fresh Start

    The principals at 360 Visibility were anxious to officially mark the occasion of their fresh start in their new building with this affair as a show of gratitude for the company’s partners — including Microsoft, to whom 360 is a Gold partner — and customers. In all, some 50 guests attended the opening, which spilled over the three floors of the unique space that the firm purchased and moved into in May, a historical heritage building from 1902 that has been internally modernized into a state of the art office space.

    A Word from the Mayor

    A highlight of the evening was a speech made by Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua. He expressed his pleasure with 360 Visibility’s choice of Vaughan as a home base, noting that the companies who share the municipality get to benefit from access to its expertise.

    Other guests included Ward 1 Councillor Marilyn Iafrate, bankers and real estate professionals who helped 360 with its acquisition, and various members of the Women’s Presidents Organization, of which 360 president and CEO Lynn Cooke is a proud member.

    “It was awesome,” Cooke raved of the event. “Everybody felt the same energy we do in this space.”

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