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Jason Meilleur

Senior Manager, Cloud Solutions

Jason Meilleur

Spending a lifetime in pursuit of his passion for technology, Jason has spent the past decade focusing on building a successful, results oriented infrastructure practice backed by a growing team of professionals. Whether selling exotic cars or managing a corporately run personal computer franchise, Jason recognizes the high value of providing a service oriented approach to both businesses and individuals.

As a Microsoft Certified IT Professional and Cisco Certified Network Associate, Jason’s technical background includes experience in network architecture, implementation, project management, training and pre-sales engineering.

As the Senior Manager of Cloud Solutions at 360 Visibility, Jason has combined his technical and business development backgrounds to expand cloud based services and the company’s infrastructure customer base. Having a long standing family history of hard working entrepreneurs, Jason has developed a strong desire for business growth.

Some of Jason’s most recent endeavors with 360 Visibility include; wireless deployments, virtualization, high availability solutions and Voice over IP communication systems. Being right on the cusp of “over-organized” and knowing what it takes to create a stable network environment, Jason thrives on overcoming network challenges and implementing best practices.

After hours, Jason’s work life is balanced with exercise, time with friends and occasional attempts to pick away on the guitar. Travelling has been a large focus over the past five years and has led him throughout Europe, Africa, the U.S and many tropical destinations. Still attempting to beat his all-time best golf score of 120, much needed lessons may be on the horizon.