What does it mean to be a Microsoft Partner?

What does it mean to be a Microsoft Partner?
Written by: Marco DErcole
Published: January 22, 2014



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    What is a Dynamics Partner?

    According to Microsoft, a Dynamics Partner is a certified expert that delivers business solutions and ERP’s (Enterprise Resource Planning) to organizations.

    When companies invest in a business solution from Microsoft, they will get the added value of a partner that uses industry expertise to customize solutions specific to a company’s needs. Many partners, like 360 Visibility, offer packages that can be tailored or ready to go, and will help businesses get up and running quickly and easily. Software solutions will be implemented the way organizations want either on premises, in the cloud or a combination of both.

    Buying and implementing new software can be risky for companies and many feel overwhelmed evaluating new business management or ERP software, but being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, 360 Visibility has the ability and expertise to sell and implement solutions and help businesses identify challenges and overcome risks.

    What We Offer

    It is safe to say that the right business and financial management software delivers increased functionality by optimizing time and expense tracking, handling customer inquiries and generating reports for business development. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution offered by 360 Visibility, for example, allows companies to manage every aspect of the customer relationship and 360’s infrastructure services ensure businesses are getting the right physical devices for their needs.

    Not only does 360 Visibility deliver Microsoft’s specialized software, it also features add-ons such as the 360 Property Manager solution that acts as an integral part of Dynamics NAV and includes service and maintenance Management, contract management, order processing, invoicing and financial management.

    360 Visibility concentrates its practice in professional services, financial services, commercial real estate, and distribution sectors; upgrading current hardware; as well as ensuring new ventures start with a solid technology foundation.

    How We Can Help

    And as a trusted Microsoft Partner, 360 Visibility will also enable companies to make swift, well-informed and profitable business decisions. The company’s experience allows it to deliver the right solution for almost any business: from a professional services firm looking for an integrated software package to handle project management, job costing, and time and expense tracking; to a distributor looking to improve service, by implementing a customer relationship management solution.

    Learn More

    360 Visibility currently holds a four star rating at Microsoft Pinpoint, a searchable online directory of software applications and professional services based on Microsoft technologies. All software applications and services on Pinpoint are provided by independent IT companies, including Microsoft Certified Partners, affiliated with the Microsoft Partner Network. Click here for more information.

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