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  • What we didOptimizing Heart & Stroke for hybrid work by upgrading Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Customer Case Study: Addressing foundational challenges in a hybrid work environment by upgrading Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central with 360 Visibility

At the Heart & Stroke Foundation, their mission is to empower you to drive life-saving medical breakthroughs, advocate for your improved health, and bring together the brightest minds to enhance your diagnosis, care, and support. With a focus on preventing heart failure, transforming stroke care, improving your cardiac arrest survival rates, closing health equity gaps, and championing lifelong care for those with congenital heart disease, they work tirelessly to create a healthier future tailored to your needs 


The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada confronted a pivotal challenge operating on an outdated version of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) while transitioning to a new hybrid work model. With employees dispersed across Canada, encompassing remote and in-office work setups, the organization required a cloud-based remedy to foster collaboration, enhance accessibility, and streamline financial operations. The foundation actively sought a solution that could effectively address these challenges while also delivering budgeting and analytics capabilities for both core and non-core activities. 


The Business Advisory and Consulting team at 360 Visibility played a pivotal role in assisting the Heart & Stroke Foundation in navigating and resolving their complex challenges while envisioning a future with simpler and smarter solutions. Through a collaborative and consultative approach, our team engaged in an in-depth analysis of the organization’s objectives and requirements. The initial phase involved a comprehensive Business Impact Assessment (BIA), where we delved into the intricacies of Heart & Stroke’s financial processes, workflow inefficiencies, the specific pain points associated with their existing setup, and forward-looking guidance. 

Our team identified the need for a robust cloud-based solution, recognizing that the Foundation’s dispersed workforce required seamless collaboration and accessibility. The existing terminal server, acting as a bottleneck, was hindering operational efficiency and presenting security risks. Understanding the significance of these challenges, we worked closely with the Heart & Stroke Foundation to craft a tailored solution that would not only address immediate concerns but also align with their long-term strategic goals. 

The selection of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, complemented by additional modules such as 360 Canadian EFT, Document Capture and Expense Management from Continia, represented a tactical strategy to streamline financial operations. By automating payables and eliminating costly third-party services, our solution significantly reduced operational costs while enhancing security through the integration of Business Central permissions and Microsoft 365 security features. This also prepares Heart and Stroke for scaling operations, and incorporating other Microsoft solutions, such as Copilot Artificial Intelligence, in the future. 

Our team facilitated the redesign of the Chart of Accounts (COA) with dimensions, providing the Foundation with a more flexible and granular reporting structure. This structural enhancement allowed for a deeper understanding of financial data and improved reporting capabilities, aligning with the organization’s need for enhanced analytics. 


Throughout the implementation process, 360 Visibility ensured that the solution seamlessly aligned with Heart & Stroke’s unique requirements. We prioritized user experience, making Dynamics 365 Business Central accessible from anywhere to accommodate the Foundation’s new hybrid work reality. By automating and simplifying various processes, including purchasing, payables, electronic fund transfers, employee expenses, and journal approvals, we aimed to create a more efficient and user-friendly financial ecosystem. 

“360 Visibility’s experience, expert knowledge, and collaborative approach ensured the successful implementation of a cloud-based solution that addressed our challenges, generated operational efficiencies, and improved reporting capabilities. The implementation of additional modules also contributed to automating payables, streamlining this process, and creating a significantly more user-friendly experience.”

Kris Arnold – Senior Manager, Finance

The successful go-live marked the culmination of a collaborative effort between the Heart & Stroke Foundation and 360 Visibility. By leveraging our knowledge, experience, and commitment to helping businesses See Clearly and Act Faster, we not only addressed the immediate challenges but also empowered Heart & Stroke with a future-ready financial management system that aligns seamlessly with their mission and objectives. 

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