Kina Gbezhgomi

  • What we did360 Visibility moves Frontline by Penlieu to be hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Kina Gbezhgomi provides child and family services to First Nations communities within the Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin. Kina Gbezhgomi’s services ensure children are protected and stay connected with their culture, language and community while strengthening family and community relationships.

Day-to-day Operations with Frontline

Like many child and family services providers across Ontario and Canada, Kina Gbezhgomi utilizes the Frontline automated information systems platform by Penlieu to manage the delivery of services to First Nations members.

As Frontline is a critical tool to Kina Gbezhgomi’s operations, 360 Visibility was tasked with providing an effective solution to ensure optimal performance and server resiliency.

Migrating Server Infrastructure to the Cloud

To best deliver on Kina Gbezhgomi’s needs for greater performance and server uptime, while reducing dependency on expensive hardware, 360 Visibility proposed migrating KGCFS’ infrastructure and Frontline system to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This would include 8 servers and 150 devices to Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop.


By migrating Frontline and KGCFS infrastructure to the Azure Cloud, 360 Visibility was able to successfully deliver and exceed Kina Gbezhgomi’s expectations.


360 Visibility