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Your business runs better, faster, and stronger with the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Transform your technology and infrastructure with the secure and scalable Azure Cloud.

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What can the Microsoft Azure Cloud do for my business?

Microsoft Azure Cloud is perfect for businesses that want the best IT infrastructure without the capital expense and maintenance costs.


Lower hardware & operating costs


Faster server & infrastructure deployment


Average savings using the cloud


Less physical hardware required

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Are you finally ready to stop wasting money on outdated technology?

The Microsoft Azure Cloud is the most capable and extensive cloud solution in the market. With greater security, performance and capabilities than Google Cloud and Amazon AWS. It’s the only choice when it comes to your cloud infrastructure needs.

Cloud Workshop


Half-day personalized cloud workshop

  • One-on-one meeting with one of our leading Cloud experts
  • Collaborate with us and get answers to all your cloud questions
  • Receive usable advice, best practices, and tips
  • Options to start implementing right away with the help of our Cloud experts!
  • We'll help you understand the cloud and what you can do to start using it like a pro.

Cloud Strategy & Roadmap


Complete customized strategy and implementation plan

  • Includes our Cloud Workshop to understand your environment, technology needs, and expected outcomes
  • Detailed insight into specific software solutions for your business
  • Develop a step-by-step tactical plan to transition and deploy the Microsoft Cloud
  • Optimized strategy for rapid deployment, increased ROI, minimized downtime and/or disruptions

We Are a Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner

360 Visibility is Canada’s fastest growing and largest Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner. We’re first adopters when it comes to the cloud, so you can be sure we know the cloud and the best way to use it in any business.

Whatever your need, we provide guidance, implementation, and support services for the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Our Azure Cloud Consultants will work with you to build your scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud solution.

Your business is our priority. That means being with you every step of the way, from understanding Azure to proactively optimizing your cloud solution so we can lower your costs, find new efficiencies and mitigate any risks.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Resources

We've curated a collection of videos, documents, and links that we hope will help you understand how the Azure Cloud can work in your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

1What's the difference between public, private, and hybrid cloud?
A public cloud is when the services and infrastructure are provided offsite over the internet. A private cloud is when the services are maintained on a private network, and a hybrid cloud includes a variety of public and private options.
2How do I know which type of cloud computing is right for me?
Before you choose which type of cloud computing is best for you, it’s best to understand the differences between the three types of cloud computing: private, public, and hybrid. Aside from that, you must also evaluate your business needs. The public cloud is low in cost, the private cloud has greater performance, security, and flexibility, while the hybrid cloud has the best of both worlds.
3What are the benefits of cloud computing?
Cloud computing is secure, cost efficient, has unlimited storage capacity, automatic software integration, easy access to information, quick deployment, and it has never been easier to backup and recover your data.
4Why should i choose Microsoft Cloud in comparison to Google and Amazon?
Microsoft Office 365 centralizes data to a specific region. Google decentralizes data so you cannot know where it is stored. Microsoft Azure integrates with existing Microsoft Systems and Management tools, Amazon has its own management tools that may not be familiar to many people. Management Portals are also more familiar and Microsoft provides intuitive interfaces which make Azure services easier to consume.
5Is the cloud secure?
Year after year cloud computing users continue to increase and for good reason. More companies are moving to the cloud because it’s affordable, scalable, and secure. Your data is safer in the cloud because it is managed by experts, requires controlled access, and most importantly 80% of Fortune 500 companies trust Microsoft Azure. The Cloud is suited to your needs, so you’ll have the same safeguards as the Fortune 500 companies.
6How do I get started with the cloud?
Let us help you define your cloud goals and show you how you can save as much as 50% on your IT costs. Our Microsoft Azure Cloud specialists at 360 Visibility can ensure you don’t make critical mistakes when moving your business to the Azure Cloud.
7Do you offer any training for the cloud?
As a Microsoft Cloud customer, we provide complimentary workshops tailored to you, to ramp up your staff on using Azure and Office 365 for your business.
8What are my support options?
All of 360’s cloud customers are entitled to support by our expert staff as part of your services with us. If we can’t answer your questions, we’ll work with the team at Microsoft as part of our concierge service.

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