Microsoft’s Unique Approach to Simplify Security

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Poor security posture is often rooted in complexity. Security teams have historically struggled to keep up with threats and signals across a patchwork of poorly integrated solutions that fail to cover the breadth of workloads, clouds, and devices businesses run on. Let’s see how Microsft’s approach leads to a simple yet better security overall.

Take, for example, a typical attack kill chain, as shown in the screenshot below. Multiple vendor solutions introduce complexity in understanding and identifying the extent of a single security incident’s damage.


Cyber Attack Without Microsoft


See the same attack kill chain in the following screenshot with Microsoft security solutions in place, providing you with end-to-end visibility across your digital estate. Microsoft is positioned to provide a better security experience helping keep your business files secure by preventing a security breach.


Cyber Attack With Microsoft Security


Microsoft’s unique approach is that it has built-in experiences that work across platforms and integrated across people, devices, apps and data. As shown in the screenshot below, in the event of a security incident, you get a single pane of glass experience. The Microsoft 365 Defender Dashboard is a single dashboard for detection, investigation, and remediation across endpoints, email, documents, identity and infrastructure. That means you can see information across Microsoft’s security solutions such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Microsoft Defender for Identity.



Stop Attacks Across Microsoft 365 Services

With Microsoft, you get fewer vendors and products to manage, less end-user friction and resistance due to native capabilities, lower integration costs, and reduced blind spots. As seen in the Gartner’s Security & Compliance Magic Quadrants screenshot below, Microsoft is positioned as a leader in security solutions.


Microsoft is a Security Solutions Leader

Unlike a multi-vendor security solution, Microsoft’s security solutions bring a new level of integration that gives defenders the best of both worlds—an end to end visibility across all of their resources and intelligent alerts built with a deep understanding of individual resources, enhanced with human and machine intelligence.

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