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Part 2 of our series on Microsoft Azure Cloud and the issues that you can avoid when migrating to the Cloud. If you missed Part 1, read it here: Say No to DIY When Migrating to Microsoft Azure Cloud

In the first part of our series on the reasons why you should not take the DIY approach to migrating to the Cloud, we outlined a number of critical details to pay attention to when planning a migration. Not taking these into account can spell disaster for any business looking to migrate some or all of its business IT infrastructure to the Cloud.

Here are three more reasons why you should use a Certified Microsoft Azure Expert when migrating your business software and data to the Cloud.

Avoiding the Worst Case

Many people assume that migrating to the cloud will save them from a worst case scenario. Migrating to the cloud does not automatically eliminate application downtime, service disruptions and data loss. Ultimately, your business is responsible for minimizing these risks. An Azure expert can help you with disaster recovery planning to make sure that your data is always secure and that you will experience minimal service disruptions.

Impacting the Bottom Line

The economics of cloud infrastructure are different from those of traditional IT infrastructure. You need to implement the right kind of use-based accounting to monitor the actual cost of your cloud-based business apps. It is easy to imagine that costs will be lower, but without good accounting in place, costs can grow out of control. An Azure expert can help you to implement this kind of accounting and control the costs of cloud computing.

You Can’t Set It and Forget It

Too many people migrate to the cloud and then fail to monitor and maintain their cloud hosting and infrastructure to make sure that their service is efficient and effective. Cloud hosting service can degrade over time. An expert partner can help you make sure that your cloud hosting is always up to snuff.

Azure is an excellent cloud computing solution. But migrating to Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting is not something that you want to do on your own. A certified Azure expert can help you avoid many pitfalls and mistakes so that your cloud computing solution really works for your business.

360 Visibility is a Microsoft Gold Partner with Gold competency in Cloud Productivity and Cloud Platform that employs certified Azure Cloud experts, and won the Microsoft award for fastest growing cloud provider in North America.

Jason Meilleur
Jason Meilleur
As the Senior Manager of Cloud Solutions at 360 Visibility, Jason has combined his technical and business development backgrounds to expand cloud based services and the company’s infrastructure customer base. Having a long standing family history of hard working entrepreneurs, Jason has developed a strong desire for business growth.
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