The Top Five Ways to Use OneNote at Work

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Using OneNote for Business

Each month Microsoft releases a few new features for OneNote for Business for Windows 10. The updates include support for features to help multitasking functionality and user experience. Allowing us to dive deeper into the ever-changing world of technology and enable us to work smarter. To help you continue to work smarter we have compiled the top five features we love that will help you enhance your work productivity with OneNote.

Multi-tasking made easy

It’s no secret that we all love to multi-task. Something about multiple tabs and documents open makes us feel more productive. If you’re an active OneNote for Business user already, this new feature will be one you will love. Released with the July update, the multi-tasking function allows you to choose and open a new window from the VIEW tab at the top of your toolbar. Now you can see multiple notes in their own windows instead of switching back and forth between each. Talk about a time-saver!

Collaborate Easily

Did you know that OneNote for Business is tightly integrated with Outlook? You can send emails from Outlook to OneNote and you can also email your notebook pages directly from OneNote. So how does this help you? Well since it’s all connected you can schedule a meeting, send a meeting agenda in a shared team notebook and make any change requests within OneNote for Business. You can also create tasks in OneNote that are automatically updated to your Outlook. This enables team members to work seamlessly without switching between multiple platforms!

Office 365 Support

Correctly configure, use and implement Office 365, as well as setup and optimize necessary threat protection and new features.

Resolve Page Conflicts

OneNote for Business is great for sharing and co-working on existing notebooks, however sometimes page conflicts can happen in shared notebooks. With the June 2017 update it is now so much easier to resolve any conflicts in your notebooks!


Pages with conflicts will be marked with a triangle icon. After opening the Page Conflicts pane, you will see all versions of the page, who edited and the date. Now you can choose which version you would like to keep, or copy specific content from an earlier page version to your current page.

Record Audio or Video Notes

Do you sit in long meetings, or attend lots of lectures or symposiums? When in a conversation style learning environment, it can be hard to write down notes as fast as your manager or presenter is speaking. With OneNote Audio and Video Recorder options you can ensure you won’t miss a word!

How to set up Audio and Video Recording…

  1. Click the location on the page in OneNote where you want to place the recording
    1. To create an Audio only recording click Insert > Record Audio
    2. To create a Video recording with optional Audio click Insert > Record Video (Recording starts as soon as OneNote adds media icon to page)
  2.  To end the recording, press Pause or Stop
  3.  To play the recording click on the media icon and select Play

Make use of OneNotes notes on the fly

Quick Note is essentially the equivalent to the little yellow sticky notes you have all over your desktop. Unlike the stand alone sticky notes however, these notes will be automatically saved to your OneNote notebook so you can easily search and organize them. The best part? You can create Quick Notes even if OneNote isn’t running! How?

You can create Quick Note even if you haven’t opened OneNote by…

  1. Press Windows + N on your keyboard
  2. When the Send to OneNote window appears press N to create a new Quick Note and begin typing your note!
Jason Meilleur
Jason Meilleur
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