4 Reasons Why 360 Property Management Software Makes Property Management a Breeze

Property management has been around since the Flintstones and Rubbles rented out their homes to a pair of swinging musicians to make a few extra “clams,” but the scene has become technologically more sophisticated since then.

Today, property managers have the ability to use property management software for residential, commercial and mixed-use applications, making managing properties simpler and more effective.

At 360 Visibility, our 360 Property Management Software (360PM) helps our property management clients enhance every aspect of their business.

Here are four reasons why your property management business needs dedicated property management software.

1. Operational Efficiency

Because 360 Property Management software automates all the functions property managers would otherwise have to do manually, their workload is decreased and they can use their time productively. Functions include:

  • Deal tracking
  • Quote creation
  • Rent collection
  • Lease renewals
  • Electronic bill payments
  • Property management reports
  • Repairs and maintenance invoicing
  • And more…

360PM offers unprecedented automated relief, as well as the ability to connect from anywhere. This is valuable for property management companies with domestic and international employees and clients.

2. Tighter Financial Oversight

Detailed property management software like 360PM provides property managers with all the information they need to stay on top of their financial operations. Because it’s accounting driven, this property management software lets users manage all tenant accounting transactions. This includes the ability to:

  • Apply rent
  • Track delinquencies
  • Assess late fees
  • Calculate recoverable expenses
  • Project operational costs and revenues
  • Track deals and accounts receivable
  • Review service work order expenses

3. Streamlined Management

Developed utilizing the latest business management solution from Microsoft - Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, 360 Property Management Software eliminates the inefficiencies of multiple computing platforms, incompatible software and redundant processes. That gift of simplicity means property managers can focus on what they do best. And having the information all in one place (where it can be tracked and archived) saves time and eliminates miscommunication.

4. Improved Decision-Making

360PM draws deeply on the analytics powerhouse of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. That means an abundance of data-rich dashboards and detailed analytics about everything from contractor performance to tenant finances to maintenance schedules. They can be analyzed by attribute, entity, GL book, segment and period; drilled down from summary to source transaction; and published to PDF and Excel. With such ready, timely and finely tuned information at their disposal, property managers can make smart decisions in a snap.

360 Property Management Software is the ideal solution for property managers looking to make their jobs easier. Including financial management, property management, service work orders and construction management coverage, this powerful software helps property managers operate their properties with unprecedented supervision.

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