The Top Five Benefits of Property Management Software

Over the past few years, the demand for Retail, Industrial, and Commercial real estate has rapidly expanded in larger cities such as Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. And if you’re a property manager, you likely manage multiple leases, tenants, buildings and repairs. Which can be a lot to oversee. As the demand for commercial and retail space becomes even more pressing, it’s that much more important to have an integrated Property Management Software solution in place to help you manage your multiple properties. Because disconnected systems can hold you back, working with an all-in-one business solution that can effectively replace your various, individual programs, will give your company and staff the ability to manage day-to-day operations through a single, unified, property accounting platform. Thanks to all-in-one property management accounting solutions like 360PM - powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV - property managers are better equipped to:

1. Automate management of lease and tenant administration

With 360PM solution, property managers can effectively manage multi-tenant leases in multiple currencies using single entry accounting.

2. Advanced tenant and lease tracking

Attach and sync documents to a property, lease, tenant or other area, and be able to access and update documents anywhere you are using Microsoft Office 365. And using the built-in integration with Outlook, you can now proactively manage critical tenant dates, schedule tasks, create alerts, manage and track lease expiration, tenant TI’s, parking and storage. There is also the added benefit of cloud storage and disaster recovery so files are never lost!

3. Manage critical accounting functions

Manage critical banking functions using a pooled trust account that will track and maintain balances and reserved funds per property. Maintain tight control of your property management financials and manage all tenant accounting transactions, apply rent and expenses, track delinquencies and assess late fees.

4. Maintain a 360 view into all repairs & maintenance

Always have a complete view of all maintenance and service requests for your building. Effectively manage, track and apply all repairs and maintenance transactions to the correct individual unit and property.

5. Streamline your productivity functions using an integrated Office 365 platform

Built using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, 360 Property Management Software works directly with your existing Microsoft Office productivity software. Critical dates, lease renewals and notifications are automatically synced to Outlook so your property managers are always up to date.

Why Choose 360 Visibility?

360PM sets the industry standard for excellence in commercial, retail, and industrial property management. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 360PM functions as both a lease management and powerful accounting system, but 360PM is designed around three basic principles: improving your property performance, increasing your returns to investors, and exceeding tenant expectations.

Are you ready to streamline your Property Management?

Explore the benefits and features of an all-in-one Property Management software solution powered by Microsoft

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