• What we did360 Visibility moves ClaimsCorp to the Azure Cloud and helps solve scalability problem for business performance monitoring solution.

The Client

ClaimsCorp provides enterprise-wide business performance monitoring, reporting, and improvement solutions for multi-site businesses and single-site owners. Through advanced data aggregation and virtualization products, ClaimsCorp reduces business risk and enables efficiencies, productivity, and strategic growth.

ClaimsCorp Azure Cloud Office 365

Before 360 Visibility

ClaimsCorp needed scalability for its Business Performance Monitoring Solution as it never had before. The constraints of its hosted, dedicated server infrastructure was impacting its ability to delight customers. ClaimsCorp turned to Toronto-based Managed IT Cloud Solutions Provider & Microsoft Gold Partner, 360 Visibility to identify the best solution, and 360 Visibility found only one solution could address all the issues.

Microsoft Azure Cloud has allowed us to quickly scale our platform and services during our growth. Today we can easily manage infrastructure capacity based on increasing customer demands.

Francesco DiGiuseppe, Vice President and General Manager - ClaimsCorp Inc.

Deploying the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Office 365 with a Managed IT Cloud Services Provider

ClaimsCorp switched to the Microsoft Azure cloud, coupled with 360 Visibility’s managed services, to solve the company’s scalability issues. ClaimsCorp utilizes Azure Virtual Machines for production and development. For storage, it takes advantage of Azure Files for shared folder access to VMs and Azure Blobs so VMs have geo-redundant access to critical information. Azure Vault ensures everything is kept safe. Azure Active Directory is used for access and identity management, as well as Office 365 integration.

Benefits of Working with a Cloud Solutions Partner

  • Microsoft Azure allows ClaimsCorp to adjust its computing power by a factor of ten in one hour increments, greatly increasing capacity and flexibility.
  • ClaimsCorp reduced its monthly costs by 30% while also avoiding additional hardware expenditures.

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